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You are not alone

What can you do for the people around you who may be struggling? Call them. Invite them over. Show up with a rom-com and a pizza. Listen to them. Sit next to them. Pray for them. Let them know that you are there, and that you want them in your life. Don’t get embarrassed if they cry or push you away.

Just show up, and don’t push them away.

Post-op: One step forward, two steps back

I'm about two and a half weeks into my post-op recovery so far, but it feels like it's been a lot longer. I'm getting pretty tired of my view of white walls - of my apartment, of my surgeon's office, and unfortunately, of the emergency room, where I've been a more frequent visitor than I would have hoped.

MOTD: Post-op plum

Before I get started, I wanted to talk about my last post. I have been completely overwhelmed (in a good way) by all the feedback I received  - I never imagined when writing it that I would receive the level of support that I have, and I can't tell you how inspiring and encouraging that has been.