Christmas in July

An (unintentionally) holiday look in middle of summer.

An (unintentionally) holiday look in middle of summer.

As I slowly recoup from surgery, I thought I'd share this past makeup look that didn't make it on to my Instagram or blog yet. I call this look "Christmas in July" even though I did not intentionally set out to create a look that could be just as easily worn in December!

I decided that after wearing mostly warm eye makeup looks this summer (as one does,) I wanted to try something a bit different with a cool-toned halo eye. Perhaps the best thing about being vampire-pale is that it does make me able to pull off a lot of different shades on both my eyes and lips. Since I have a lot of pink and red undertones to my skin, the key is really making sure I wear a foundation that evens me out (for this look, I stuck to one of my absolute faves, particularly for the summer when non-longwear makeup tends to melt right off our faces - Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation in Shade 100) - but from there, I have a lot of fun being adventurous!

Check out the full look below: