The start of something new

And welcome to my blog! My name is Elisabeth - nickname Broms, hence the name of this site. Have a look around! There is lots more to come.

It's taken me quite some time since the original announcement that my blog was coming to actually go live, because I've been thinking a lot about what I want this to be. There are so many other beauty blogs out there, so what value would I really be adding to the space with mine? Is one more opinion about the new Pat McGrath Matte Lipsticks really going to make an impact? (PS: Yes, I'm still totally buying them and will be writing a post about them - don't worry.)

So I decided, over multiple glasses of wine with my dear friend and colleague Linette, to dig a little deeper on what the word "beauty" means to me. It's a long and complicated story which I'll share more about in my next blog post, but it's more than just makeup and skincare (which don't get me wrong, I love.) Beauty to me also has deep roots in body image, self-esteem, feminism, and power. It's a commodity, a sensation, an ambition, and a struggle. Beauty is complicated, and it's especially complicated for women. And for me.

So what to expect at Broms Loves Beauty? There will be plenty of looks of the day, skincare routines, and beauty product reviews. But there will also be posts about my own personal journey with and thoughts on beauty - and hopefully some guest bloggers' too!

If you're into that, I hope you'll stick around. You can also subscribe to get email updates whenever I post something new.

Happy reading!

Love, Broms