Hello, my name is Elisabeth.

I'm a 30-something New Yorker by way of London and New England, and I'm addicted to all things beauty.

My first memories of beauty include of going into the city on Saturdays with my mom, when we would get our hair done and then head to Saks Fifth Avenue for lunch and shopping. I remember drifting through wafts of expensive perfume and dabbing on lipsticks as we ventured through the beauty counters. I had my first makeover at the Bobbi Brown counter at Saks when I was 13. A make-up artist named Chantay gently applied tinted moisturizer on to my skin, then swept shimmery shadow on to my lids, dusted my cheeks with the slightest hint of blush and dabbed some pink gloss on my lips. I gazed in wonder at my reflection afterwards - it was one of the first times I remember truly feeling beautiful.

But beauty is about more than just makeup and skincare - it has deep roots in body image, self-worth, feminism, and power. It can be commodified, idealized, politicized, or sensationalized. Beauty, or the desire for it, has sparked wars, inspired countless pieces of art, brought people together, and torn them apart. 

Broms Loves Beauty is a curation of everything I love and experience about beauty - from new makeup trends and skincare reviews to my perspective on how beauty impacts my life and the lives of those around me.

 Happy reading!